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     Candus Churchill was born into a musical family in Louisville, Kentucky. 
Her grandfather taught music. As a child she loved listening to her mother singing while sewing. Her father played trumpet, her older sister played piano, clarinet and sang. Her younger brother played drums while her older brother played the saxophone. He was later to become band leader of the popular 70’s R&B group “New Birth”. Candus sang in her church choir.
     Unlike most pre teen girls, Candus was able to meet stars such as Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Martha Reeves. This was made possible as her next door neighbor was the mother of the famous song writer/recording artist Harvey Fuqua of the Moonglows. Whenever Harvey was in town for a concert, he and other artist on the tour would stop in to visit his mother which was an inspiration to Candus. 
     At the age of 16 Candus and her family moved from Kentucky to the Washington, D.C. area. It was here that her musical calling began to manifest itself. While still in high school she joined her first singing group the “Passion Flowers” and sang at the local clubs.
     After graduating from high school, Candus continued her education at Montgomery College in Maryland. She was studying to become a teacher and decided once again to put music aside. However after a year the call of music drew her back into another group aptly called “Destiny”. It was at this time that she finally acknowledged her true desire to be an entertainer. 
From “Destiny” Candus was hired by popular R&B singer and recording artist Candi Staton. While touring parts of the U.S. they opened shows for the likes of Ray Charles, B.B. King, George Benson, Lou Rawls and more.
By 1978 Candus decided that she needed a change of pace so she packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles. There she reunited with her older brother, who by that time had gold records to his credit with the “New Birth” band.
     While working at Motown Records and Paramount Recording Studios, Candus met and joined rock/funk group “Dragon Fly”. She soon left to tour and record with Dragon Fly in Japan and then on to the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles and eventually across Canada.
     In 1986, Candus left Dragon Fly in Vancouver, B.C. to pursue her solo career branching out into acting in theater, television, and film. 
     She has amassed an impressive list of acting credits over the years.
     Candus is also a founding member of The Gospel Experience, Vancouver’s first Contemporary Black Gospel Group.

     Candus continues to reside in Vancouver with her husband, musician Dave Say.

“Performing is all I ever really wanted to do. 
That and making my family happy.”


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